The French and Indian War

The French & Indian War

A Flashpoint.  A War.  A Heritage.

The French & Indian Era

The F&I Era began when a young George Washington’s trek to the western Pennsylvania frontier as a volunteer for the Virginia Colony (and British Crown) to report on the settlement activities of the French.

The focus? The point of land called the Forks of the Ohio (Pittsburgh) because whoever controlled this point and its waterways would control the frontier.

Events from Washington’s first, and subsequent visits to this region, led to the sparking of the French and Indian War which changed the course of history for America, and the world.

At  Penn’s Colony, the living history encampment presents re-enactors from the British, Colonial, Scottish, French and Native groups which made their mark on this region during the pivotal years of the French & Indian War (1754-1760). The Encampments, Battle Re-Enactments, Skills Presentations and Hidden History Revelations tell the story of our region.

French Sniper @ Penn's Colony 2011

2017 Festival Reenactments


Each year brings excitingly realistic reenactments to Penn’s Colony.

Vie Le Roi!

Guests witnessed a 255th Anniversary French and British re-enactment of the taking of Ft. Duqesne.


Attendees witnessed the bravery of Capt. Wm. Trent’s Company as they defend the first fort, Ft. Prince George.