Hear the Voice of History

These are the voices that inspire the people of Penn’s Colony today.

“It is hard now to imagine, but it is a matter of record that a mid-eighteenth-century mariner approaching the American strand could detect the fragrance of the pine trees about 60 leagues, or 180 nautical miles, from land.”

America at 1750, A Social Portrait, Richard Hofstadter

“Wednesday, October 31st, 1753, I was commissioned and appointed by the Honourable Robert Dinwiddie, Esq; Governor of Virginia, to visit and deliver a Letter to the Commandant of the French Forces on the Ohio, and set out on the intended journey the same Day.”

George Washington, 21 years old, Lieutientant, Virginia Regiment (spelling in manner of colonial era)

“On this spot, I must remain till some one comes to my help.” In the meadow she planted half an acre of corn and potatoes, which soon promised an amazing crop.

From the journal of Mrs. Jameson, whose husband drowned as their raft fell apart when they crossed the Alleghany River. Source: Frontier Women, by William W. Fowler